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Bluetooth Stylus for 3D drawing with motion capture systems.

Wireless bluetooth stylus for 3D drawing with a Optitrack motion capture system. This project was a collaboration with Madeline Gannon.


This video demonstrates the use of our wireless bluetooth stylus for 3D drawing with an Optitrack motion capture system.This project was a collaboration with Madeline Gannon for her Human-Robot Interaction Research.



How it's made - Built on the Lightblue Bean bluetooth micro-controller (Arduino compatible), this stylus incorporates a capacitive sensing circuit to sketch directly on the body when the tip comes in contact with the skin. Additionally, it features a momentary push button circuit, enabling the user to execute freeform 3D drawings. Circuit details, code and .stl are available at Instructables.com.


Goals - This work is part of larger research in Human-Robot Interaction. The goal is to unify the worlds of the Optitrack Motion Capture System, a UR5 robot arm and a human. This stylus enables us to relate an object to its virtual counterpart using a tangible and familiar interface. 


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January 2016