Epic Jefferson
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Epic Jefferson

Tangible Interaction Designer 




Signal Intuitive Gestural Interfaces

In the search for more intuitive ways for controlling sound synthesis, the hands can be the direct source of control. 

Gesture Design, Sound Design, Machine Learning, openFrameworks, Max MSP, Leap Motion

Stylus for 3D drawing

Wireless bluetooth stylus for 3D drawing with a Optitrack motion capture system. This project was a collaboration with Madeline Gannon.

Tangible Interactions, Electronics, Motion Capture, Rapid Prototyping

Meta-Piano Extendido

An interactive sculpture with a sonic character. The Meta-Piano Extendido re-imagines the piano and what it means to play it.
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Generative Music, Sound Design, Interface Design, Electronics, Digital Fabrication, Wood Working, Pd, Scala

Rapid Prototyping


EMF Detection
Visualize the phones' electro-magnetic activity, even when the phone is "asleep".

Physical Computing, Tangible Interaction, Electronics, Wood Working

Hyper-sonic Speaker Aiming
"Did you hear that?" Direct audio signals at individuals. 

Digital Fabrication, User Experience

Data Visualization & Sonification
Re-animate all of the hurricane data recorded since 1851 for the Atlantic Ocean. 

Processing, Visualization, Sonification

Wood Working