Epic Jefferson


I'm a Tangible Interaction Designer. I'm interested in interface design, gesture design, rapid prototyping (both physical and digital) and designing sounds.


I'm a Design Technologist interested in User Interface Design, Creative Coding, Prototyping and Sound Design.


Jeffrey Concepcion

I'm a Design Technologist with an inter-disciplinary background in Interaction Design, Physical Computing, Creative Coding, and Sound Design.

Also, I love to build communities around Art, Technology & Design. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, I worked on an affordable Solar Kit and lead a workshop on Design for Disaster Relief at the University of Puerto Rico. I also love to make/drink awesome coffee.



Design Thinking Puerto Rico
The Prototyping Process
San Juan, PR | June 2019

Thinking Like a Designer - Workshop
Creative Problem Solving
University of Puerto Rico | August 2018

Radical Networks
NY Crowd-sourced Public Transportation Tracking
NYU Poly, Brooklyn | October 2015

p5.js Conference
Community and Hacker Culture in Cuba and Puerto Rico
Carnegie Mellon University | May 2015

FIVAC - Video Art Festival
The State of Emerging Media in Puerto Rico
Camagüey, Cuba | March 2015

Spotify Monthly Music Hackathon
NYC New Musical Instruments Meta-Piano Extendido & Signal
Manhattan, NY | July 2015